Few months back, I happened to talk to some successful individuals who are having a fair career, in a field other than The Silicon World. After talking to these individuals for a short while, in general, we started discussing about study options. They became comfortable and I came to know, how they feel that it is so important for child to learn coding and programing in today’s world at early stage. They told me that if they would had got a chance in their young age, to learn computer science, coding, programing and other similar building blocks, then they would have been at a far better position than what they are doing now.

We are living in a digital world and this is further going to be more digitized, systematic and automated. Technology will play the most important role in shaping tomorrow’s world. However, what is this digitization or automation that we are so curious about. The brain of any digitization is finally a program, written in a programing language. While we do not realize, a program is running the different aspects of our day-to-day life, be it – smart phone, tablet, different mobile apps, smart refrigerator, smart temperature control devices, locks or any other AI devices.

Going forward, there will be more and more need of programmers, the people who would have the thinking ability to solve a problem logically, who would have the required technical knowledge to lead successful teams and become the leaders. While this is a need today, this will be a necessity tomorrow.

That is why, it is extremely important that today’s kids learn computers fundamentals, coding and programing at their early age. As per several research studies, this is a proven fact that young age children can grasp a new language faster than learning at a later stage. Moreover, it is not just about learning a new language, rather developing a complete mindset that how kids approach or think or solve, whenever any kind of problem comes towards them. Computer education to our young kids help addressing all these aspects. It will take them towards a successful and bright future. Remember that coding is not a serious classroom-based boredom learning. Its rather a fun activity, where-in kids can rather create their own games or problems and solution to the problems, which is not only limited to the classroom but rather could be showcased to the whole outside world.

I was always passionate about programming and teaching it too. Luckily, I am getting a chance for making a difference in kids life by providing platform like CODE O WORLD where kids could learn the coding and programming fundamentals, and further build on it.

CODE O WORLD offers a great environment for kids to sow this seed of development in themselves, which will not only make them learn the coding or programing, rather help in their overall mental development as well.

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