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Frequently Asked Questions


This is absolutely fine. We do not expect the kids to have prior coding / programing knowledge. In fact, that is the beauty of our curriculum that based on any student’s level, be it beginner or advanced, we work with them and bring them to the right level. While we will assess the starting level of any student, we highly recommend parents to talk to us openly about their child and how would they want their child to progress. We will then provide our suggestions and recommendations and work with student to elevate him or her in coding / programing.

Our programs are offered for students from ages 7 and above. While our youngest ones or any age beginner can start with language like Scratch which helps in building cognitive thinking and problem solving skills, while also teaching them basic coding building blocks.

Our more advanced kids can opt for higher level of scratch languages which brings more complex logical thinking and allows students to understand that how should we break down a complex problem into smaller chunks and then solve it step by step.

We also offer Python and Py Games for our further advanced code champions, where they learn the modern programing language with concepts like processing, loop, array etc. Our older students also enjoy and opt for web designing which also helps them showcasing their work to outside world. This prepares our older student for further grown up languages like Java, C# etc.

We are soon coming up with offerings in Robotics, AI and other state of the art technological skills.

We take pride in offering quality technical education at affordable price. We are currently offering big discounts for new students. Please contact us for further details.

Absolutely. We are open 4 days on weekdays as well as both Saturday and Sunday. We offer both 4 classes a month or 8 classes a month program. Kids can fix any hour during the opening times of CODE-O-WORLD. Our highly trained teachers are always available to help you out

Currently we are offering both online (PayPal) and offline payment options in person. We are further expanding our base to include different means of payment.

We are located at 3201 Stanford Ranch Road, Suite 100 B, Rocklin, CA, 95765. We are situated besides Mathnasium.

We are living in a digital world and this is further going to be more digitized, systematic and automated. Technology will play the most important role in shaping tomorrow’s world. Going forward, there will be more and more need of programmers, the people who would have the thinking ability to solve a problem logically, who would have the required technical knowledge to lead successful teams and become the leaders. Coding helps kids to think in a logical manner and build their cognitive skills. Read our blog, Coding – Today’s need, tomorrow’s necessity for more information.

We appreciate the fact that some kids already have understanding about coding fundamentals. However our focused learning program with the help of experienced teachers builds on this learning and takes it to a complete new level. “CODE-O-WORLD” curriculum is structured to offer programs for different understanding levels of kids.


Our mission is to enhance kids cognitive, problem solving and technological skills by providing them a quality and affordable technical education, in a fun-filled, interactive and collaborative environment.



Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 2:00 P.M. To 7:00 P.M.

Saturday – Sunday – 10:00 A.M. To 2:00 P.M.

Tuesday – Closed


  •   3201 Stanford Ranch, Suite 100B, Rocklin 95765
  •   510-990-3034, 415-494-1286
  •    [email protected]

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